Conducting SMRs remotely or in person remains part of the Directed Enhanced Service (DES) contract for PCNs; ensuring patients get the most from their medicines


2 July 2020



About the event

In this webinar, Lelly Oboh and Nina Barnett described what structured medication reviews (SMRs) and clinical reviews mean in care homes. They outlined the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on how these might be undertaken, and discussed how remote consultations and clinical prioritisation can be used to provide optimal care for residents.

Why it’s important

It’s vital to ensure medication is working well for individuals while minimising the risks of medication-related harm and waste. Ideally this would be as part of a face-to-face SMR, however the current pandemic has resulted in a shift to more remote methods of communication.

What was covered

The session included:

  • Strategic context for SMRs
  • SMRs in care homes during COVID
  • What makes this different now
  • How to do SMRs in Care Homes
  • SMR Processes Consultation structure
  • Patient-centred care
  • Shared decision making
  • Tools
  • Summary


This webinar was presented by Professor Nina Barnett and Lelly Oboh, and facilitated by Barry. You can read more about our SPS colleagues by following the links.


The recording of this webinar is currently unavailable.

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