Respiratory medicine and the importance of the pharmacy service

Sue Overton, MUS Team Administrator, Medicines Use and Safety (SPS)Event 13 April 2022Location Online via Webex

Pharmacy has a key role in improving health outcomes for people with respiratory illness, as endorsed by the Long Term Plan


13 April 2022


Online via Webex

About the Event

British people with lung disease have some of the worst clinical outcomes in Europe. The inclusion of respiratory medicine in the Long Term Plan, and its particular reference to the need for pharmacy to help is our call to action. Let’s work together to make these millions better.

What you’ll learn

Understand the developments in airways disease and appreciate why we are crucial to facilitating best care.


Expert speakers participating in the webinar

Gráinne d’Ancona

Consultant Pharmacist, Respiratory and Sleep Medicine,
Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Seema Gadhia

Pharmacy Lead Clinical Innovation Adoption.
Oxford Academic Health Science Network

SPS Speakers

Barry Jubraj will facilitate the event and you can read more about Barry below.

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Which commonly used nebuliser solutions are compatible?

Asthma: treatment during pregnancy

Summary of COVID-19 medicines guidance: Respiratory disorders

How is an intravenous aminophylline dose converted to an oral aminophylline or theophylline dose?


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