RMOC draft terms of reference: consultation running until 02/06/2021

Ashley Marsden, Senior Medicines Optimisation Pharmacist, Pharmacy Practice Unit, Royal Liverpool HospitalPublished
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In recognition of the transition to Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSEI ) has been running a programme of work on “Enhancing Our Approach to Medicines Optimisation and Pharmacy” with the aim of establishing a framework of policy, clinical leadership and governance to ensure all aspects of medicines optimisation and pharmacy are integrated and coordinated within and across all levels of the healthcare system. Four core components have been deemed to be critical to ensure success: clinical leadership, governance, data analysis & insights and workforce/programme support. As part of this work NHSEI has undertaken 1:1 interviews and recently completed four NHS focus groups with 150 attendees from all levels of the system representing a range of disciplines and backgrounds including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, allied health professionals, finance and policy experts.

A key part of the programme includes strengthening the function and form of the Regional Medicines Optimisation Committees (RMOCs).

This draft Terms of Reference for RMOCs incorporates, as far as possible, comments, views and feedback already received from existing RMOC members, focus group attendees, the RMOC secretariat, the Regional Chief Pharmacists, the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer and NHS England and NHS Improvement colleagues. It reflects the vision that RMOCs will be regionally focused to support their local systems in optimising medicines usage to help achieve the triple aim of better health and wellbeing for everyone, better quality of health services for all individuals, and sustainable use of NHS resources.

Please submit any comments to the Medicines Policy Unit at NHS England and NHS Improvement via email at england.rmoc1@nhs.net by Wednesday 2nd June 2021. All comments will then be considered with the aim of producing a final version by mid-June.