RMOC North: draft guidance for dealing with requests for shared care from private providers, regional consultation

Nancy Kane, Senior Medical Information Scientist, Regional Drug & Therapeutics CentrePublished


Advice was requested from the North Regional Medicines Optimisation Committee (RMOC) to address the following question:

‘What do NHS primary care prescribers need to be aware of when they are asked by a private healthcare provider and/or patient, to take on the regular prescribing of a medication for a patient including shared care medicines?’

Regional draft guidance has been developed by the Regional Drug and Therapeutics Centre (RDTC) under RMOC North in consultation with the RMOC Shared Care Working Group. It addresses points to consider and rationale, taking into account ethical considerations and the perspectives of the patient, prescriber and private providers.


This consultation is now open and comments are welcomed from stakeholders across the Northern region to utilise and shape the final draft prior to publication.

The consultation will run for two weeks, closing at noon on Thursday 21st October. 

Please use the template provided to make all comments. Comments should be sent to rmoc.north@nhs.net by the deadline above.

Draft guidance

Consultation comments template