RMOC Shared Care Guidance: Consultation running until 7/2/2020

RMOC North is leading the work on developing an approach to shared care on behalf of the RMOC system, and is seeking comments on the draft RMOC Shared Care Guidance V2 document which includes the following:

  • a definition of shared care
  • letter templates to support shared care communications
  • a shared care monograph
  • a list of medicines deemed suitable for shared care.

This resource has been developed by support and advice from a shared care working group which comprised primary and secondary care clinicians from across all of the four RMOCs, with support from the North of England Commissioning Support Unit.

A Version 1 Shared Care Guidance document was presented and discussed at the RMOC North November meeting. Following discussion and comments received from RMOC North members the document was further amended by the Regional Drug and Therapeutics Centre (which provides SPS professional support to RMOC North) to produce the attached V2 document.

The aim of this resource is to provide a framework to support the seamless sharing of patient care between the specialist and primary care prescriber. RMOC North have recently  sought comments from Area Prescribing Committees, Medical Associations, Colleges and membership organisations, and patient groups specifically on the content of these documents, but this consultation has now been opened to all as per the new RMOC operating model.

The consultation has now closed, however if you have any questions or would like to contribute further to this work, please contact rmoc.north@nhs.net