Safety in Lactation: Dopaminergic drugs used in Parkinsons disease

Although rare, Parkinson’s disease can occur in younger women of childbearing age.
Dopamine receptor agonists are used either alone or as an adjunct to levodopa (as co-beneldopa or co-carbidopa). However their use is normally contraindicated with breastfeeding as they can, or have the potential to, suppress lactation, although the risk may be less if lactation is fully established.
Entacapone and tolcapone are only used as an adjunct to levodopa. However, tolcapone is contraindicated with breastfeeding due to high risk of serious adverse effects.
These risks associated with these drugs have been assessed when used as monotherapy. In combination risks may increase due to additive adverse effects.
Risks for cabergoline when used for suppression of lactation  are lower due to shorter duration of use.