Additional information relating to breastfeeding

To be used in conjunction with individual drug entries for specific information and guidance.

 Drugs for dystonias and other involuntary movements

Drugs in this group have specific indications for which there is normally no alternative. The conditions for which they are used may limit the mother’s ability to breastfeed.

If they are considered clinically essential during breastfeeding, infants should be monitored for signs of adverse effects associated with adult use.

Antimuscarinic drugs used in parkinsonism

The main use of these drugs is for the reduction of parkinsonian symptoms produced by antipsychotic drugs. Their use for Parkinson’s disease is limited. Long-term use may interfere with lactation. There is little difference between these drugs, although orphenadrine may produce less sedation.


See also related summary: Dopaminergic drugs used in Parkinson’s disease

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