Adalat (nifedipine) products: discontinuations and shortages

· London and South East Regional Medicines Information

There will be some out of stock periods for some preparations and long-term discontinuations:

Adalat 5mg immediate release capsules* –discontinued from February 2019.

Adalat 10mg immediate release capsules* – discontinued after March 2019

Adalat Retard 10mg modified release tablets – discontinued after November 2018

Adalat Retard 20mg modified release tablets – discontinued August 2018

Adalat LA 20mg*, 30mg and 60mg prolonged release – out of stock until 2021.

*Bayer is the sole supplier of these 3 formulations

Supplies of other nifedipine capsules and tablets remain available currently, including: Adipine (Chiesi), Coracten (UCB), Nifedipress (Dexcel) and Tensipine (Genus).

This memo provides advice on treatment alternatives including the availability of unlicensed imports of immediate release capsules, which are considered essential for patients with autonomic dysreflexia.


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