Shortage of Bile acid sequestrants: colestyramine powder for oral suspension 4g (Questran and Questran Light), colesevelam (Cholestagel) and colestipol (Colestid)

Bristol-Myers Squibb divested the Questran range to Cheplapharm at the end of July 2019. Questran is out of stock with no further supplies expected until mid-2020. Supplies of Questran Light are currently available through Alliance Healthcare.

Mylan have also recently launched a generic colestyramine light 4g sachet that is available via the usual wholesaler route.

The supply situation for the alternative bile acid sequestrants is outlined below:

  • Cholestagel (colesevelam): currently in stock (subject to local distribution issues which should be fully resolved week commencing 5th August)
  • Colestid Orange (colestipol) 5g granules: currently out of stock until end of September 2019.
  • Colestid (colestipol) granules 5g (plain): currently out of stock until end of October 2019

This memo advises on management options until the shortage resolves.

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