Shortage of Sodium Bicarbonate Polyfusors (Fresenius Kabi)- all strengths

Yuet Wan, Medicines Information Pharmacist, London and South East Regional Medicines InformationSource London and South East Regional Medicines InformationPublished

Sodium bicarbonate 1.26%, 1.40%, 2.74% and 8.4% Polyfusors are out of stock stock until late October 2020. The 4.2% Polyfusor will remain available but cannot support an uplift in demand to compensate for other lines. Sodium Bicarbonate 8.4% 100ml bottles (B Braun) and 10ml ampoules (Ethypharm) are available and could be used to prepare lower strength solutions. For aseptic units who are considering compounding sodium bicarbonate products, an SPS stability assessment is available.