SPS Medicines Access Group

Joanne McEntee, Senior Medicines Information Pharmacist, North West Medicines Information CentrePublished
Topics: New Medicines

Medicines Access Strategy Group

Our members include senior pharmacists from regional medicines information centres that work together to co-ordinate the SPS horizon scanning service, plus SPS procurement leads.

The group has the following remit:

  • To identify and respond to NHS needs to help ensure and maintain patients’ access to medicines and appropriate treatment.
  • To facilitate and oversee delivery of identified workstreams by the Medicines Access Operations Group (MAOG)

This is achieved by the following key objectives:

  • To identify opportunities to support the NHS in being prepared for new medicines
  • To decide how outputs should be delivered and where and to whom
  • To engage with key stakeholders and establish their needs in relation to medicines access.
  • To provide support and ensure resources are in place to facilitate work of the MAOG.
  • To identify opportunities to support the NHS in achieving savings at the end of patent life of a medicine.


Medicines Access Operations Group

Our members are medicines information staff working at regional medicines information centres who are involved in regular horizon scanning activities.

The group has the following remit:

  • To act under direction of Medicines Access Strategy Group (MASG) to deliver required workstreams

This is achieved by the following key objective:

  • To deliver key outputs to facilitate managed new medicines entry to the NHS which includes:
    • Annual horizon scanning documents to facilitate budget planning
    • Maintenance of internal horizon scanning databases and new medicines content on SPS medicines pages
    • Provide support to wide range of stakeholders as required e.g. High Cost Drugs Steering Group, Pan-UK ATMP Pharmacy Working Group, Regional Medicines Optimisation Committees
    • Representation on national groups where horizon scanning is a key role


Horizon scanning administrator use only – New Drugs Online database and Patents database.