SPS support and the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

Ben Rehman, Assistant Head (Medicines Optimisation), Specialist Pharmacy ServicePublished

We’re supporting healthcare professionals with the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme in England. Read more about how we’re helping below.

What we're doing to help

We're supporting healthcare professionals in England with pharmaceutical aspects of the COVID-19 vaccination programme; read our service remit to find out more.
How patients with COVID-19 vaccination questions can seek advice from an appropriate source.
Our content will help answer many of your questions about COVID-19 vaccines. We can also answer your questions directly, but check our service remit first.
We're producing and publishing content frequently to support the COVID-19 Vaccine programme. Stay up-to-date by registering and opting in to hear from us.
If you're a healthcare professional in England, get in touch with us if you still have questions