Archived August 2018 – Supporting older people in the community to optimise their medicines including the use of multi compartment compliance aids (MCAs)

· Medicines Use and Safety Team

This resource reviews options for medicines optimisation for older people, focusing particularly on the appropriate and cost-effective use of multi-compartment compliance aids (MCAs). Medicines optimisation is about making sure that any decision that is made about medicines is best for the patient and their particular circumstances. Medicines optimisation involves all the partners (health and social care) and the patient in their care. The document is set out in two sections, headed what you need to know and what you need to do. Working through the resource will help to:

Raise awareness of the different views on this subject as well as the inter and cross organisational barriers that need to be tackled in order to deliver effective medicines support to older people  Provide a practical step-by-step approach for those trying to address the problems associated with the increased inappropriate use of MCAs in their localities. Enable organisations to look at a range of options across the local economy and explore levers in the system which would help to commission appropriate medicines support services for older people Provide an up to date resource on the evidence and best practice guidance on the use of MCAs and other support options. Ensure that the Medicines Optimisation agenda is embedded into the care pathway for older people. Share examples of what and where things have worked.

Please note that there is reference to some older guidance and funding streams that have been superceded by new ones e.g NICE CG76, RPS Handling medicines in social care, CQC Essential standards, QIPP. Also many of the internet links to the examples of best practice in the Appendices no longer work but a description has been left in for the reader.

Archived August 2018 – the content of this resource has not been updated since the publication date. Some links to other documents and websites may not work.

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