The National Medicines Information Training Course (NMITC)

Iram Husain, Regional MI Manager/Pharmacist , London Medicines Information ServicePublished

UKMI Workforce Development Working Group

The National Medicines Information Training Course (NMITIC) is designed for pharmacy practitioners working as specialists in NHS Medicines Information (MI) services.

The aim of the course is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to provide and develop MI services and is a suitable resource for staff who have completed (or nearly completed) the foundation years of career development.

The NMITC is run by experienced MI specialists and delivered on-line using range of teaching methods including: online presentations, webinars, workshops, reading and learning activities. Some sessions will be live and require attendance at a particular time but most of the course material can be accessed and completed at any time. The teaching sessions include literature searching, critical appraisal, legal and ethical dilemmas, quality and risk management and good practice sharing.  The course also provides an excellent opportunity for participants to network with MI colleagues from across the UK. Participants are required to complete on-line pre-session learning and are supported by scheduled virtual sessions with the session expert. The virtual sessions are delivered over a few weeks – details can be found in the example programme below.

The UK Medicines Information (UKMi) Executive recommend that all newly appointed local MI managers attend the NMITC within 9 months of starting their post.

Accredited Medicines Information Technicians’ Training Scheme and NMITC

Pharmacy Technicians on the UKMi Accredited Medicines Information Technicians Training Scheme (AMITTS) are expected to participate on the NMITC as part of the AMITTS. Additional virtual sessions are run for AMITTS enrolled Pharmacy Technicians and their mentors. All Pharmacy Technicians applying for inclusion on the accreditation scheme must complete a registration of interest for the NMITC AND an AMITTS application form. The two courses are run separately but the AMITTS fee is inclusive of NMITC payment. If you require any clarity regarding the AMITTS, please contact the course Director, and cc in South West Medicines Information

Please note that Pharmacy Technicians will start the AMITTS programme in February 2022 and attend the NMITC in March 2022.

How to apply for the next NMITC