Transporting Comirnaty concentrate for Children 5-11 years from PCN Designated Sites to end user location

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SOP for transporting Comirnaty concentrate for Children 5-11 years from PCN sites to end user locations.


A standard operating procedure is attached to this page.

You should also familiarise yourself with our background guide Facilitating Pharmaceutical support to PCN Designated Sites for COVID-19 vaccinations before using this SOP.

The core principles in the SOPs are common and may be adapted for use and sign off in all care settings.

They may be adapted by Superintendent Pharmacists for the use of the vaccine in Community Pharmacy settings.



Other handling content for PCNs

Pharmaceutical processes for Comirnaty (10 micrograms/dose) for Children 5 to 11 years, from initial ordering through to administration for PCNs and Trusts.

What to do if you still have questions

We're supporting healthcare professionals in England with pharmaceutical aspects of the COVID-19 vaccination programme; read our service remit to find out more.
If you're a healthcare professional who needs further advice, get in touch with us. We answer questions about Medicines Optimisation issues, including those about the COVID-19 vaccination programme. Help us to help you: tell us where on our site you were.

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  1. Section 4.4 rewritten to reflect SmPC change which allows movement of the diluted product
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  1. Images added to identify post thaw expiry and original ULT expiry on vaccine packaging.
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