Transporting COVID-19 vaccines whilst maintaining the cold chain

Ian Allen, Pharmacy Quality Assurance Regional Specialist (NW), North West Pharmaceutical Quality AssurancePublished Last updated See all updates

Correct transportation of COVID-19 vaccines must be undertaken to maintain the cold-chain

Quick reference guide

Our quick reference guide provides guidance on how to transport vaccines using coolboxes. We also signpost to other resources on this page.

Other resources

A variety of other resources exist to help guide on the correct transport of vaccines whilst maintaining the cold-chain; these include:

The Green Book

The Green Book (Chapter 3) provides essential detailed guidance for maintaining the vaccine cold chain

Manufacturer's instructions

The cool life of cool boxes varies between manufacturers, and is affected by how the box is used, so local evaluation of suitability will be needed. If frozen cool packs are to be used take care to ensure the vaccine cannot become frozen during transport.

We’ve created a library of instructions from individual manufacturer’s that you can find below.

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