UKDILAS: Evidence Sources

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The advice, recommendations and risk assessment for medicines are based on published clinical reports and guidelines where available. References of published evidence may be found from a number of sources, although none can be guaranteed to be comprehensive. UKDILAS therefore bases its advice on published data from all available sources, including searches of the primary literature from Medline and Embase. Specialised bibliographic sources include:

The conclusions and recommendations in these sources may not be the same as those produced by UKDILAS due to differences in practice and interpretation in the UK.

If there is no published clinical evidence UKDILAS will base its advice and recommendations on a number of factors including: extrapolation from similar drugs; pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic principles; risk assessment of normal clinical use; expert advice and unpublished data.

If further advice or clarification is required, contact the UKDILAS Enquiry Service:

Enquiries from healthcare professionals can be made by contacting UKDILAS:

0116 258 6491

UK Drugs in Lactation Advisory Service (UKDILAS) is provided for health professionals in the NHS, although its web-based outputs are widely available. The enquiry service is able to provide evidence and advice on individual medicines to specific enquiries from NHS healthcare professionals. It is not available to members of the public/patients.

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