Use of a Patient Group Direction to supply or administer oral oseltamivir to care home residents

Jo Jenkins, Specialist Pharmacist (Patient Group Directions) SPS Medicines Use and Safety Division Source NHS PGD WebsitePublished

The below summaries when and how a PGD may be legally used to supply and/or administer oral oseltamivir to care home residents.

Care homes cannot use PGDs to supply or administer any medicines. This is not within the legislation.

The MHRA has stated that: ‘PGDs do not extend to independent and public sector care homes or to those independent sector schools that provide healthcare entirely outside the NHS’.

An NHS body or local authority cannot authorise a care home to operate under a PGD for the supply or administration of medicines.

The situation is different where oseltamivir is supplied under a PGD by an NHS commissioned provider and is for administration by care home staff, provided the relevant governance arrangements are in place. For information about this particular scenario, see link below and second scenario in the associated attachment.