About the RMOCs

Ashley Marsden, Senior Medicines Optimisation Pharmacist, Pharmacy Practice Unit, Royal Liverpool HospitalPublished

The Regional Medicines Optimisation Committee system for England has been developed to address Medicine Optimisation issues which have current impact on practice and where a national steer would be beneficial to the system.

NHS England’s Medicines Value Programme sets the high level priority areas for consideration by the RMOC system. There are four RMOCs for England who make recommendations, pursue actions and co-ordinate activities. To achieve this in a coordinated manner each RMOC takes the lead on a priority area:

  • South – Best Value Biologics
  • North – Shared Care
  • Midlands & East – Antimicrobial Resistance
  • London – Polypharmacy

Although there are four committees, the RMOCs operate against a single framework, with each group being part of a greater national system. Their role and function has been co-developed by NHS England and NHS Clinical Commissioners on behalf of Clinical Commissioning Groups, in partnership with NHS hospital representatives, primary care providers, the National Institute for  Health Care Excellence, NHS Improvement and representative bodies of the branded and generic pharmaceutical industry.

Overall governance for the RMOC system is provided through the Medicines Optimisation Oversight Group (MOOG).  Generation of the work programme and national priority setting is provided through the Medicines Optimisation Priorities Panel (MOPP).  Both the MOOG and the MOPP are chaired by the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for England, Dr Keith Ridge CBE.

More detail about how the Regional Medicines Optimisation Committees work is also available in the operating model, which is published here. NB: that the operating model is currently under review and RMOC draft terms of reference are out for consultation.


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