Answers to questions for all vaccines

Reporting suspected COVID-19 vaccine side effects, product defects and counterfeit products

14 January 2021Advice on reporting suspected side effects to COVID-19 vaccines. Also correct mechanisms for reporting suspected defective products and counterfeit products.

Using COVID-19 vaccines in patient taking immunosuppressive medicines

12 January 2021National advice and considerations on the use of this vaccine in patients taking immunosuppressive medicines

Using COVID-19 vaccines in individuals with acute severe febrile illness

8 January 2021Advice on using COVID-19 vaccines in individuals with acute severe febrile illness

Using appropriate legal mechanisms for the administration of COVID-19 vaccines

7 January 2021Using an appropriate legal mechanism to administer COVID-19 vaccines is important. Common clarifications will be updated here regularly based on user feedback.

Using COVID-19 vaccines in patients with anticoagulation and bleeding disorders

7 January 2021Information on use of the vaccine in patients who are receiving anticoagulants or have a bleeding disorder is given below.

Using COVID-19 vaccines in breastfeeding women

5 January 2021Information concerning COVID-19 vaccination in breastfeeding women

Using COVID-19 vaccines in women of child bearing potential

4 January 2021Summary information concerning COVID-19 vaccination in women of child-bearing age or who are pregnant

Testing for COVID-19 following vaccination

31 December 2020Following vaccination, different groups may require testing dependent on symptoms; or may require different vaccination management dependent on test results.

Vaccinating individuals with COVID-19 or with a history of COVID-19

31 December 2020Certain groups can be vaccinated where they have already had COVID-19. In some circumstances these individuals may required a COVD-19 test.

Managing anaphylaxis in the COVID-19 vaccination setting

29 December 2020Advice on managing anaphylaxis in the vaccination setting with specific reference to COVID-19 vaccines.