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Antimicrobial Patient Group Direction (PGD) Templates

20 January 2021Antimicrobial PGD templates support the use of medicines in line with national guidance, reducing variation and duplication to improve consistency of care.

Delegation of supply or administration of medicines using a PGD

15 December 2020This page explains why delegation of supply or administration using a PGD is not possible.

When to use a PGD

15 December 2020This page provides a clear process to help colleagues consider when a PGD is required.

Using a single PGD to supply or administer medicines at more than one location

15 December 2020Summary A single PGD can be used to supply or administer medicines to patients in their own homes or in more than one location. PGDs…

Unlicensed medicines and use of PGDs

15 December 2020This page clarifies why a PGD is illegal for unlicensed medicines - note exceptions under Regulation 174 below

Doctors, dentists, and use of PGDs

15 December 2020Doctors and dentists cannot supply or administer medications under a PGD or Written Instruction.  This page gives further detail on why this is the case.

An introduction to PGDs: definitions and examples of use

13 December 2020This page explains what a Patient Group Direction (PGD) is and describes how they are used in clinical practice.

PGD Learning Event 2021

We are sorry to let you know that our PGD Webex events scheduled for the 27th January, 2nd February and 10th February 2021 are postponed. …

Written Instruction for the administration of seasonal ‘flu vaccination (2020/21 version)

24 November 2020UPDATED AUTUMN 2020 to reflect legislation changes and UK availability of Flublok (QIVr) Following advice issued in Spring 2018 advising on the use of Patient…

PGDs and Occupational Health Services

22 October 2020The attached Q&A has been written in response to enquiries we have received concerning the use of Patient Group Directions (PGDs) and written instructions in Occupational Health…