Maintaining the cold chain is vital to ensure vaccine efficacy. Excursions should be investigated appropriately, causes identified, and corrective action taken.

Maintaining the vaccine cold chain: read first

Correct storage of the vaccine ensures its efficacy and the cold chain must be maintained during storage and transportation

Additional material

Storage requirements for each COVID-19 Vaccine

Specific requirements must be adhered to for each vaccine as per the MHRA 174 information for health care professionals. We've summarised key requirements.

Using fridges appropriately to store COVID-19 vaccines

Correct storage of COVID-19 vaccines must be undertaken using well set-up, maintained and monitored fridges

Transporting COVID-19 vaccines whilst maintaining the cold chain

Correct transportation of COVID-19 vaccines must be undertaken to maintain the cold-chain

Managing temperature excursions for COVID-19 vaccines

Correct cold chain management will prevent temperature excursions. Where they do occur, set actions should be undertaken to gather information and seek advice.