Resources and tools to support Medicines Optimisation activities out-of-hospital during COVID-19

Resources for Care Homes

Using oxygen in care homes during COVID-19

18 February 2021During COVID-19, oxygen in care homes for those with underlying lung conditions may be more needed than normal. Its use needs to be managed by appropriate teams

Resources to support pharmacy teams working in care homes during COVID-19

17 June 2020Pharmacy professionals deployed to care home during the COVID-19 pandemic need to know where to look for information and how to access it

Remote consultations in care homes: a key element of the COVID 19 delivery model

1 June 2020Remote and virtual consultations are becoming more common and many pharmacy team members are having to rapidly develop new skills to support this way of working
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Resources for Primary Care

Using frameworks for administering medicines during COVID-19

28 May 2020Frameworks to administer medicines continue to be used. Guidance is provided for electronic transfer of directions to administer during COVID-19.

Administration of depot antipsychotic injections during COVID-19 in stable adult patients

16 April 2020During COVID-19, minimise unnecessary visits, and consider short term and long term management options for individuals self-isolating or symptomatic
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