Information and guidance from across SPS on pharmaceutical aspects of COVID-19 vaccines’ use

Getting ready

Organisations will need to consider a number of pharmaceutical handling aspects specific to each vaccine prior to first use. They should also be familiar with the legal aspects of vaccines use.

Understanding the characteristics of COVID-19 Vaccines

An introduction to the Understanding the characteristics of COVID-19 Vaccines pages

Managing COVID-19 Vaccines: Guidance and SOPs

A series containing guidance and Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) for managing COVID-19 vaccines

Legal mechanisms and their application to give COVID-19 vaccines

A summary of the different legal mechanisms available, a priority order for the options, and advice on their application to different professional groups.

Good governance guidance when handling multiple COVID-19 vaccines

Practice points to ensure good governance when planning or designing vaccination services where multiple vaccines are used.

Maintaining the COVID-19 vaccines cold chain

Correct storage of the vaccine ensures its efficacy and the cold chain must be maintained during storage and transportation

Continuing use

Use our range of COVID-19 vaccines content by theme below to help support continuation of the vaccination programme.



Cautions and contraindications

Cold chain management


Medicines Safety


Safety in Breastfeeding

Service advice and planning

Stability on the shelf

Allergy and immunology

Infection and infectious diseases

Primary Care and PCNs