Equivalent doses of oral benzodiazepines

6 July 2021Benzodiazepines are the most commonly used anxiolytics and hypnotics. There are major differences in potency between different benzodiazepines and this difference in potency is important…

Safety in Lactation: Anxiolytics.

21 October 2020Additional information relating to breastfeeding To be used in conjunction with individual drug entries for specific information and guidance. Use of anxiolytics in breastfeeding mothers…
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Medicine Compliance Aid Stability

XanaxPharmacia Ltd

Pharmacia Ltd
Tablets 250 micrograms, 500 micrograms
A3 · Amber 3No stability data is available. There are theoretical concerns with use in CAs, which may be mitigated by risk minimisation.
Protect from light
Protect from light.
1 October 2015

Lactation Safety Information

Lorazepam, Oxazepam
Shorter-acting agent
Very limited published evidence of safety which indicates small amounts in breast milk
Adverse effects reported include infant withdrawal following maternal discontinuation, and sedation
Monitor the infant closely for drowsiness, poor feeding and adequate weight gain
18 September 2020