Can low dose aspirin be used in breastfeeding mothers as an antiplatelet agent?

29 October 2020Limited data and pharmacokinetics indicate that low dose aspirin (defined here as 75 – 150mg daily) passes into breast milk in small amounts.   There…

Safety in Lactation: Simple analgesics and combination analgesic preparations

26 October 2020Paracetamol is the simple analgesic of choice in breastfeeding mothers. Choice of an alternative will depend on level of analgesia required. Paracetamol should be adequate…

Safety in Lactation: Drugs for thromboembolic disorders

18 September 2020Additional information relating to breastfeeding To be used in conjunction with individual drug entries for specific information and guidance. Oral anticoagulants The coumarin anticoagulants, warfarin…

Can nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs be used in adult patients with asthma?

9 June 2020NSAIDs are contra-indicated in patients in whom attacks of asthma have been precipitated by aspirin or any other NSAID. Further studies are required to confirm…

Anticoagulation for Atrial Fibrillation ‘Perfect’

26 May 2020Anticoagulation is key to reducing the risk of stroke in atrial fibrillation (AF).  However ensuring that the anticoagulant is prescribed at the correct dose for…
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Trinomia Secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease and treatment of hypertension


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Oral fixed-dose combination of an antiplatelet (aspirin), statin (atorvastatin) and ACE inhibitor (ramipril)
The revised Joint British Societies (JBS 3) guidelines on prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in clinical practice recommend that CVD prevention should focus equally on the following three groups of patients who are at high risk of CVD: Apparently healthy individuals with 20% or greater risk over 10 years of developing symptomatic atherosclerotic disease, people with diabetes mellitus (type 1 or 2), and people with established atherosclerotic CVD [1].
Secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease and treatment of hypertension