Safety in Lactation: Cephalosporins, carbapenems and other beta-lactams

18 September 2020Although unlikely to occur, monitor infant for gastro-intestinal disturbances and oral candida infection, especially if given intravenously, in high doses, or for prolonged periods. There…
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Refrigerated Storage

CaystonGilead Sciences Limited

Gilead Sciences Limited
75 mg powder and solvent for nebuliser solution

In the event of an inadvertent temperature excursion the following data may be used:
The product is licensed to be stored outside of a refrigerator (below 25°C) for up to 28 days. In this case, the product can be returned to a fridge with no change needed to the expiry date.
Additional stability data shows the product remains stable when stored at room temperature (<25°C) for up to 8 weeks.
In-house temperature cycling stability data showed the product was stable when exposed to four cycles at 5ºC for 24 hours followed by 25ºC for 24 hours.
The product remains stable -20°C for up to 24 months.
Please also refer to the manufacturer’s product literature for recommended storage information at

10 September 2021
London Medicines Information Service

Lactation Safety Information

Likely to be degraded in infant's GI tract
Limited published evidence of safety
Small amounts in breast milk
17 September 2020