What injections can be given orally or via enteral feeding tubes?

6 November 2020This updated Medicines Q&A is a quick reference summary to different types of enteral feeding tubes, in relation to medication issues. Not all enteral feeding…
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Refrigerated Storage

Calcium folinate Hospira UK Ltd (part of Pfizer)

Hospira UK Ltd (part of Pfizer)
Calcium folinate
Injection (3mg/ml, 7.5mg/ml, 10mg/ml)

In the event of an inadvertent temperature excursion the following data may be used:

Calcium folinate is stable when exposed to a single temperature excursion of <1 month at 25°C. The product can be returned to the fridge with no change to expiry date.

Temperature excursions of 0°C for 7 days will not affect the quality of the product.

Contact Pfizer in cases where additional stability data is required. Refer to the electronic medicines compendium (eMC) at for company contact details.

12 October 2021
London MI Service