Safety in Lactation: Drugs for the relief of soft-tissue inflammation and topical pain relief

28 October 2020Topical formulations of non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS) and capsaicin produce low systemic levels in the mother. Although there is no direct evidence, subsequent milk levels are…
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Lactation Safety Information

No published evidence of safety
Negligible milk levels anticipated as systemic absorption from topical formulations is low
If used on breast area, ensure complete removal of capsaicin before breastfeeding (see summary)
24 September 2020

New Medicines

Moderate-severe knee osteoarthritis pain


New formulation
Centrexion Therapeutics
Centrexion Therapeutics

Development and Regulatory status

Phase III Clinical Trials
Phase III Clinical Trials
Phase III Clinical Trials


Ultra-pure, synthetic form of trans-capsaicin
OA is one of the most common chronic diseases, with an estimated overall prevalence in the general adult population of 24% for knee OA [2].
Moderate-severe knee osteoarthritis pain