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Primary sclerosing cholangitis


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Development and Regulatory status

Phase III Clinical Trials
Phase III Clinical Trials
Jul 20Has orphan drug status in EU [3].


Non-steroidal agonist of the Farnesoid X receptor (FXR); FXR is the primary regulator of bile acid synthesis and plays important roles in glucose and lipid metabolism
PSC is a rare disease with a prevalence of 0.2-16 per 100,000. PSC commonly affects males with a median age at diagnosis of 35 years. PSC accounts for 10% of all UK liver transplants [1].
Primary sclerosing cholangitis

Trial or other data

Dec 20PIII PRIMIS study (NCT03890120) still recruiting with estimated primary completion date of Aug 23 [4]
Jul 20PIII PRIMIS study (NCT03890120) to evaluate whether cilofexor reduces the risk of fibrosis progression among non-cirrhotic adults with PSC starts. 400 adults will be recruited from sites including the US & EU (not UK). Primary outcome is proportion of participants with progression of liver fibrosis at week 96; collection of these data is due to complete Aug 22 [2].