Safety in Lactation: Topical nasal decongestants

27 October 2020Drugs used for nasal decongestion have limited systemic absorption in the mother, and pose negligible risk to a breastfed infant. There is no published evidence…

Safety in Lactation: Drugs for obstructive airways disease

25 September 2020Additional information relating to breastfeeding To be used in conjunction with individual drug entries for specific information and guidance. Bronchodilators Most bronchodilators are considered to…
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Lactation Safety Information


Minor adverse effect reported in infants with pseudoephedrine
Short-term use considered to present negligible risk to a breastfed infant. Theoretical risks may increase with longer-term use
30 July 2020

Oral for reversible airways obstruction

for reversible airways obstruction
Salbutamol/ Terbutaline or corticosteroid inhaler
Adrenoceptor agonist for reversible airways obstruction
No published evidence of safety
Case report of irritability, excessive crying, and disturbed sleeping patterns in a breastfed infant possibly due to an isomer of ephedrine
30 July 2020