Can epoetin be used in Jehovah’s Witness patients in accordance with their beliefs?

5 September 2018On the basis of biblical statements, Jehovah’s Witnesses decline the transfusion of whole blood, red cells, white cells, plasma and platelets. This Medicines Q&A discusses…
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Refrigerated Storage

NeoRecormon Roche Products Ltd

Roche Products Ltd
Prefilled syringes - all strengths

In the event of an inadvertent temperature excursion the following data may be used:
The patient may remove the medicinal product from the refrigerator and store it at room temperature (not above 25°C) for one single period of up to 3 days.

Please also refer to the manufacturer’s product literature for recommended storage information at

Storage at ambient temperature: not provided by manufacturer.

No - if exposed to the conditions above
Yes - if exposed to the conditions above

Do not freeze. Keep the pre-filled syringe in the outer carton, in order to protect from light.

2 December 2020
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