Refrigerated Storage

ErgometrineHameln Pharma Ltd

Hameln Pharma Ltd
Sterile Injection, 0.05% w/v

In the event of an inadvertent temperature excursion the following data may be used:

Ergometrine may be stored outside of the refrigerator at a temperature of up to 25°C for a maximum 3 months, after which it should be discarded.

Please also refer to the manufacturer’s product literature for recommended storage information at

Reduce expiry to 3 months. The new expiry date should not exceed the labelled shelf life of the product.
Yes, if exposed to the conditions above
5 August 2022
London MI Service

Lactation Safety Information

Likely to be degraded in infant's GI tract
May interfere with lactation, although unlikely after short-term administration
16 September 2020