What injections can be given orally or via enteral feeding tubes?

6 November 2020This updated Medicines Q&A is a quick reference summary to different types of enteral feeding tubes, in relation to medication issues. Not all enteral feeding…

Safety in Lactation: Intravenous anaesthetics

23 September 2020The effects of intravenous anaesthetics are short-lived. Levels of these drugs in milk are very low. It is therefore considered that breastfeeding can be resumed…

Supply and/or administration of Controlled Drugs under a Patient Group Direction

8 September 2020This Q&A summarises the legal position on the supply and/or administration of controlled drugs under PGDs.
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Lactation Safety Information

Etomidate, Propofol, Thiopentone
Low levels anticipated in milk due to the drug's properties
No published evidence of safety
Breastfeeding can be resumed as soon as the mother has recovered sufficiently from the effects of general anaesthesia
22 September 2020