Safety in Lactation: Neuromuscular blocking drugs

23 September 2020Neuromuscular blocking drugs are used to induce muscle relaxation prior to surgery. With the exception of suxamethonium, they are all nearly completely ionised at physiological…

Pancuronium products: ambient stability during COVID-19

30 April 2020Pancuronium bromide 4mg/2ml solution for injection ampoules Pancuronium bromide 4mg/2ml solution for injection ampoules (Pfizer Ltd) Can be stored at temperatures of up to 25°C…
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Refrigerated Storage

Pancuronium BromideHospira UK Ltd (part of Pfizer Limited)

Hospira UK Ltd (part of Pfizer Limited)
Pancuronium Bromide
Solution for injection, 2mg/mL

In the event of an inadvertent temperature excursion the following data may be used:
The manufacturer’s in-house stability data shows that the product is stable for 1 month at temperatures of up to 25°C.

Contact Pfizer in all other cases where a deviation from the recommended storage conditions has occurred. Refer to the current BNF for company contact details.
Please also refer to the manufacturer’s product literature for recommended storage information at

Yes - 1 month from the date of the temperature excursion.

During the COVID emergency it is especially important to conserve medicine stocks and to minimise avoidable waste. If ANY critical medicines are subject to temperature excursions during this time and your pharmacy team are in any doubt about whether or not it is safe to use them, you are strongly advised to contact your Regional QA Pharmacist to agree the most appropriate course of action.

12 May 2020
London MI Service

Lactation Safety Information

No published evidence of safety
Negligible levels anticipated in milk due to the drug’s properties
11 September 2020