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OtigoAcute, congestive otitis media, viral bullous otitis, and barotraumatic otitis


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Development and Regulatory status

November 2020
Jan 21Otigo will be available from all major wholesalers [4]
Nov 20Available in UK, Price 1 x 15ml bottle = £8.92 [1,3].
Jun 19Licensed in UK by MHRA for local symptomatic treatment and relief of pain in the following diseases of the middle ear without tympanic perforation: acute, congestive otitis media, otitis in influenza, the so called viral bullous otitis, and barotraumatic otitis. Otigo is suitable for use both in adults and children [1].


Phenazone is a pyrazolone derivative with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Lidocaine is a local anaesthetic from the amide group.
Otitis media (OM) occurs more in the winter than in the summer months, as it is usually associated with a cold. AOM is a particular issue in the developing world. A 2012 literature review suggested that the annual global incidence of AOM is 10.85%, comprising around 709 million cases per year, about half in under-5s. Incidence varies by a factor of ten or more between high-income and low-income countries [1].
Acute, congestive otitis media, viral bullous otitis, and barotraumatic otitis

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