How should medicines be dosed in children who are obese?

28 May 2021Review on how to calculate medicine doses in children who are obese which includes a table on commonly prescribed medicines.

Safety in Lactation: Control of epilepsy

21 September 2020Choice will depend on clinical condition, and should primarily be based on suitability for the patient, rather than safety during breastfeeding. Whilst sodium valproate  is…
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Medicine Compliance Aid Stability

genericActavis UK Ltd

Actavis UK Ltd
Tablets 30mg, 60mg
A1 · Amber 1Stability data is available in an alternative container (not CAs) that may be extrapolated to support storage in CAs.
No special precautions for storage
Stability data is available in an alternative container (not MCA) and there are no theoretical concerns about the product being stored for up to 28 days.
23 February 2015

Lactation Safety Information

Oral for epilepsy

for epilepsy
Suitable alternative antiepileptic
Moderate level of published evidence of use in breastfeeding
Used in full-term neonates from birth
Very long half-life increases the risk of accumulation in breastfed infants
Significant amounts in breast milk; in general the infant will receive 30% of mother’s dose
Case reports of sedation in breastfed infants; other concomitant drugs may have been involved in some cases
31 July 2020