Safety in Lactation: Fluids and electrolytes

23 September 2020Oral and intravenous products for correcting fluid and electrolyte imbalance will present no risk to a breastfeeding infant as they are normally present in milk.…

How should intravenous (IV) potassium chloride be administered in adults?

20 September 2020Potassium administration via the intravenous route should only be used when the oral or enteral route is not available or will not achieve the required…

Can potassium be given by subcutaneous infusion?

30 April 2019This Medicines Q&A considers whether potassium can be administered subcutaneously to patients receiving fluid replacement by hypodermoclysis

How is hypokalaemia treated in adults?

23 July 2014This Medicines Q&A offers guidance on the treatment of hypokalaemia in adults and reflects practice at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
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Medicine Compliance Aid Stability

Sando-KHK Pharma Ltd

HK Pharma Ltd
Tablets efferverscent 12mmol K+
R1 · Red 1Stability data indicates that the drug is not suitable for CAs.
Contains dessicant in pack.
29 March 2015

Slow-KAlliance Pharmaceuticals

Alliance Pharmaceuticals
Tablets m/r 8mmol K+
A2 · Amber 2No stability data is available, the manufacturer does not, or cannot recommend use in CAs but there are no theoretical concerns with the product.
Airtight container
Keep container tightly closed.
29 March 2015

Lactation Safety Information

Oral / Parenteral

Oral / Parenteral
31 July 2020