Safety in Lactation: Drugs used in nausea and vertigo

21 September 2020Additional information relating to breastfeeding To be used in conjunction with individual drug entries for specific information and guidance. The choice of anti-emetic will depend…

How can nausea and vomiting be treated during pregnancy?

27 November 2019This Medicines Q&A evaluates the published information available on the safety of the treatment options for nausea and vomiting in pregnancy.  It includes information on…
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Medicine Compliance Aid Stability


Tablets 5mg
G2 · Green 2No stability data is available, but manufacturer suggests it is suitable for use in CAs.
Protect from light
Protect from light.
21 January 2015

BuccastemAlliance Pharmaceuticals

Alliance Pharmaceuticals
Tablets 3mg
R2 · Red 2Drug is not suitable for CAs due to theoretical reasons that cannot be mitigated.
Unsuitable for MCA as requires buccal administration, rather than swallowing.
21 January 2015

Lactation Safety Information

As anti-emetic

As anti-emetic
Phenothiazine-like anti-emetic
No published evidence of safety
Low oral bioavailability
Occasional, short-term use considered compatible with breastfeeding. Repeated use may pose a risk of infant sedation and may interfere with lactation
Monitor infant for sedation and poor feeding
4 March 2019