What issues should be considered in patients with peanut allergy requiring a medicine containing soya?

16 October 2020Peanut and soya belong to the same plant family, so there is concern about cross-sensitivity. This Medicines Q&A (updated April 2020) discusses the issues to…

Safety in Lactation: Intravenous anaesthetics

23 September 2020The effects of intravenous anaesthetics are short-lived. Levels of these drugs in milk are very low. It is therefore considered that breastfeeding can be resumed…

Propofol products: ambient stability during COVID-19

30 April 2020Propofol 1g/100ml emulsion for infusion vials Propofol-Lipuro 1% emulsion for infusion 100ml vials (B.Braun Melsungen AG) Propoven 1% emulsion for infusion 100ml vials (Fresenius Kabi…
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Lactation Safety Information

Limited published evidence of safety
Small amounts in breast milk
Breastfeeding can be resumed as soon as the mother has recovered sufficiently from the effects of general anaesthesia
2 case reports of transient green colouration of breast milk
22 January 2020