Safety in Lactation: Local anaesthetic eye preparations

15 October 2020Local anaesthetics for ophthalmic use have limited systemic absorption in the mother, and pose negligible risk to a breastfed infant. Systemic absorption from eye drops…
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Refrigerated Storage

Minims ProxymetacaineBausch & Lomb

Bausch & Lomb
Minims Proxymetacaine
0.5% eye drops solution

In the event of an inadvertent temperature excursion the following data may be used:
If necessary, the product may be stored at temperatures not exceeding 25°C for up to 1 month only.
Please also refer to the manufacturer’s product literature for recommended storage information at

1 month
6 April 2021
London MI Service

Lactation Safety Information

There are no additional risks when used in combination with ophthalmic fluorescein
11 September 2020