Safety in Lactation: Gout and cytotoxic-induced hyperuricaemia

21 October 2020Colchicine and canakinumab are normally used to treat the symptoms of acute attacks of gout. Allopurinol, febuxostat and sulfinpyrazone are used for the long-term control…
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Refrigerated Storage


1.5 mg/mL powder and solvent for concentrate for solution for infusion

Contact Sanofi in all cases where a deviation from the recommended storage conditions has occurred. Refer to the electronic medicines compendium (eMC) at for company contact details.

3 November 2022
London MI Service

Lactation Safety Information

Long half-life increases risk of accumulation in breastfed infants
Low levels anticipated in milk due to the drug's properties
No published evidence of safety
As it is indicated only for use before or with chemotherapy, its potential use will be determined by the safety of the anticancer agent
16 September 2020