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Immunicell Malignant melanoma, renal cell carcinoma, and non-small cell lung cancer


Advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP)
TC Biopharm

Development and Regulatory status

Jan 20TCB001 not listed in company pipeline; assume development discontinued. TC Biopharm states on its website that by starting with an autologous, unmodified gamma delta product (Immunicel), we were able to establish safety prior to entering the clinic in 2018 with our unmodified allogeneic product. Now, our focus is on clinical development and refinement of products based on the ideal GDT vehicle with a proprietary genetic CAR-T arsenal to fight a range of cancers [6].
Dec 18Immunicell still listed on TC Biopharm website; no information available on likely future development following termination of PIIb/III study [5].


Autologous T lymphocyte cell therapy. γδ T lymphocytes belong to a small subpopulation of circulating T cells which can recognise and are activated by specific non-peptidic antigens found on the surface of cancer cells.
In 2011, the UK age-standardised incidence of melanoma for females was 17.6 (11.7 in 2001) and for males 17.5 (10.1 in 2001) per 100,000 population [1].
Malignant melanoma, renal cell carcinoma, and non-small cell lung cancer
Intravenous infusion

Trial or other data

Dec 18PII/III study (NCT02459067) has been terminated [4].
Sep 17PII/III study (NCT02459067) is still recruiting & collection of primary outcome data is now expected to complete Dec 18 [3].
Dec 15PII/III trial to evaluate the safety, maximum tolerated dose and efficacy of the autologous T cell therapy in patients with advanced malignant melanoma, renal cell cancer or non-small cell lung cancer, who are refractory to standard treatments starts (TCB-101-001; NCT02459067). The open-label trial is designed to enrol approximately 60 patients in the UK. Primary outcome is toxicity and clinical response; collection of these data is expected to complete Dec 17 [2].