Refrigerated Storage


Concentrate and diluent for solution for infusion, 30mg

In the event of an inadvertent temperature excursion the following data may be used:

Temsirolimus Concentrate for Injection

In-house stability data shows the product can withstand short-term excursions of up to 5 days at 40°C and up to 7 days at -20°C.

The product is stable when exposed to 25°C for 21 days. The product can be returned to the fridge with no change to the expiry date.

Temsirolimus Solvent

The diluent for temsirolimus concentrate for injection can withstand short-term temperature excursions of up to 5 days at 51°C or up to 1 day at 70°C and up to 6 days at -20°C.

10 March 2022
London MI Service