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Benign prostatic hyperplasia - lower urinary tract symptoms


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Sophiris Bio Corp

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May 20Sophiris has been unable to find a partner or raise capital to support the continued development of topsalysin in either benign prostatic hyperplasia or localized prostate cancer, and will cease operations immediately. Unknown if it has sold any of its assets; presume development of topsalysin has been discontinued [9].


Recombinant form of proaerolysin protein that inserts into the plasma membrane to form highly stable pores that cause rapid cell death
BPH affects the quality of life of about 40% of men in their fifth decade and 90% of men in their ninth decade. It is unusual before the age of 45 and affects men of Afro-American origin more severely than white men, possibly due to higher testosterone levels, 5-alpha-reductase activity, androgen receptor expression and growth factor activity. One study found some correlation between LUTS and increased prostate volume [5].
Benign prostatic hyperplasia - lower urinary tract symptoms

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