FMD in Community Health Services (CHS) organisations


A number of organisations kindly agreed to give us an overview of what they have done, and some of the issues they have come across in implementing FMD in CHS.  After the presentation the webinar was set over to questions that had been sent in prior to the webinar and asked during.

Thank you to our Presenters and Panellists and to everyone who contributed.


Richard Bateman – Regional Pharmacy Procurement Specialist – Challenges for implementation in CHS

Arti Punn – Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS FT – Falsified Medicines Directive

Tessa Seward – Dorset Healthcare University NHS FT – Implementing FMD


Subject Matter Experts

Pascal Loiseau & Martha Waters – NHS Digital

Brian Long  – SecurMed UK

A recording is now available RECORDING.  You will need to be logged in to the SPS website with your .nhs email address to access the recording.

A pdf of the whole presentation is also available below.

Confirmed minutes