Regulation, Safety & Anticoagulation in CHS organisations


Community Health Services

Confirmed minutes

ARCHIVED – This event took place in 2014 and the content has not been updated since then. Some information may be out of date and links to other documents or websites may not work.


The new style CQC inspections were explained by Brian Brown.


Safety & Anticoagulation

Use of the Medication Safety Thermometer in a CHS organisation was presented and the new unified drug chart in East of England was shared.

The national patient safety incident error reports associated with anticoagulants were discussed and a clinical update on anticoagulation was delivered.

The results of a collaborative evaluation to measure the number and clinical significance of pharmacy contributions in community health services were presented. The aim of the audit was:

  • To evaluate the safe prescribing and administration of warfarin in community hospitals
  • To make recommendations around the use of warfarin which could be addressed locally and nationally

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