Issues for patients with a Learning Disability and their carers – tips on how pharmacy teams from all sectors can provide medicines optimisation support


This  webinar was  presented by Danielle Adams and Barry Jubraj, pharmacists and parents of children with learning disabilities at different ends of the spectrum.  They are both well placed to provide insight as health care professionals and as carers.

Learning Disabilities has been in the news recently with the launch of the CPPE learning programme  and sadly too because of poor care provided.  With more patients  with LD accessing main stream NHS services a wide range of pharmacy teams are involved.  We have invited Danielle (Hertfordshire Partnership Trust) and Barry (Senior Lecturer at Kings College London) to highlight practical ways in which Medicines Optimisation support can be provided.  They will build on the CPPE Learning Pack and a past face to face event for MUS and will share personal experiences as well as sign-posting to useful resources.  Topics will include STOMP (Stopping over-medication of people with a Learning Disability), formulation issues, epilepsy and dementia (including early on-set).

The slides from the meeting are now attached as is the patient information leaflet Barry mentioned during the presentation.

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