Developments in Medication Safety


Confirmed minutes

Archived – this event took place in 2014 and the content has not been updated since then but remains contemporary.  Some information may be out of date and links to other documents and websites may not work.

Medication safety continues to feature at the top of the NHS agenda in primary and secondary care and is important to all aspects of patient care. Incident reporting is a key feature of the Outcomes Framework and CQC intelligent monitoring; the importance of building a safety culture was highlighted by the Francis Inquiry and a raft of other safety initiatives are being developed and implemented by NHS England, the Academic Health Science Networks and the 15 new safety collaboratives At this meeting, leading medication safety experts updated us on the latest developments in medication safety and time for networking and information exchange was specifically included. The themes were relevant to primary care as well as secondary care settings

Issues covered on the day included the new roles of Medication and Medical Devices Safety Officers; giving feedback to junior doctors on their prescribing.  Developing a patient safety culture and measuring medicines safety were shared as well as a Product Safety Assessment Tool developed by UKMi and medication safety experts.

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