MUS Webinar – Getting to grips with changes to legislation around COVID-19 and flu vaccination

Sue Overton, Administrator, Medicines Use and Safety TeamMeeting 27 January 2021Location Webinar
Topics: Webinars


This webinar, delivered by Jo Jenkins and Tracy Rogers; our PGD experts from the Medicines Use & Safety team, will describe key legislative aspects around administration of COVID-19 and influenza vaccinations.  They will be supported by Rob Lowe (Director of Pharmacy Quality Assurance Specialist Services) and Beth Graham (Lead Pharmacist Immunisation Services ,PHE). The focus will be on medicines governance and they will outline the recent legislative changes and discuss the legal mechanisms for administration of these two vaccines.

The webinar will NOT cover clinical aspects of vaccination.

There are two opportunities for attendees to pose questions to the panel: in advance and on the day.

If you submit a question about the legislative aspects around administering these vaccines in advance, it will be reviewed and covered as part of the webinar.  Please email by the end of Wednesday 20th January.

At the event there will be the opportunity to ask questions in the webinar chat box, and whilst we will make every attempt to answer them on the day we cannot guarantee this, so please consider submitting your questions in advance.

Please also remember we can only give answers according to the legislation – we are not involved in writing the legislation!

Please register HERE if you would like to attend this webinar.